I finally have gathered lu’s second birthday photos and letter- better late than never!!


happy happy second birthday to my gorgeous baby girl, luella eve! the last two years with you have been a dream. i love your curious and cheeky personality, your infectious smile, your long lashes, your determination and spirited love for life. i want to bottle you up and keep you two right here and now at this age forever. you are just so much fun. you are hard to stay mad at especially when you pout and it’s impossible to not hug and kiss you when you’re near. i am so thankful for you, and for the joy you bring not only into your mama’s life, but your papa’s and your sister’s as well. i hope you never forget what love we all feel for you. and we hope you always live your life with that contagious energy you seem to never run out of from sunrise until bedtime every day. luella, i love you so much it hurts. thank you for loving me back. happy birthday, my gorgeous little girl.

mama x

i wanted to create a beautiful mess for her to wake up to on her birthday morning. and she absolutely loved it! I started with a lemonade stand and wrapped it in some stripey wrapping paper. hung some beautiful honeycomb balls, fans and garlands. did some DIY donut balloons (they were so much fun to make) and sat her absolutely mind blowing Katherine Sabbath inspired cake in the centre of it all!


Party Supplies: THE PARTY PROVIDER. Honeycomb Balls, Paper Fans, Paper Bunting Garlands, Balloons. you can also find them on Instagram HERE.

Lemonade Stand: LITTLE MAISY.  you can also find them on Instagram HERE.

Katherine Sabbath Inspired Cake: SUGAR BOMB CAKES.  you can also find them on Instagram HERE.

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