My Letter To Emily.

Dear Emily,
A year ago, you came in such a hurry, I tried to negotiate with the midwife if there were any chances of slowing down the labour. Your daddy was in the air, flying home from work and I did not want him to miss it. But little did I know, nothing was going to stop you! I was very lucky to have some of the most important people in my life there at the time of your birth. We had your little sister sleeping peacefully in her pram next to my bed side. Nanny and Aunty Marnie holding/cheering me on and Aunty Sarah who was bouncing off walls taking photos of the whole birth (I’ll be forever thankful for these raw special photos, i will always hold them close to my heart). 


Emmy, you were then freshly hatched from my womb. You came into the world with big, bright eyes of an old soul and aa few dark hairs on your tiny head.

 I called you my little Emily Willow.  
Your daddy came in 1.5 hours later and he was over the moon to see that you were here already, tightly bundled sleeping in your bassinet.    
I’ll never forget that early morning the day after you were born. You opened your eyes to the sounds of Luella talking to you with a slightly furrowed brow and you rested your little head on her shoulder and went back to sleep.  

  We used to stare at each other and bonded, just you and me. And I loved it. It hardly seems like enough time has gone by to justify my reminiscing, but you’ve changed so much. A year is a long time filled with decades of progress when you are a baby.   

 Your big gorgeous bright eyes have literally, stopped strangers “what a beautiful baby..Oh her eyes!”. But even more, it’s the beauty of your personality that’s really beginning to shine in everything you do. You are so cheeky yet so clever. 

We did it, Emmy! We survived the first year. Thank you for the lessons, the laughter and changing me forever. I promise to always be there for you, to help guide you and love you unconditionally. I may disappoint you, I may not be your “friend”, I will guarantee embarrass you, but know that I love you more than you can ever imagine. I hope when you read this letter, years later you will smile, and know how special you are to me. 

Happy First Birthday sweetheart!
Love Mama x 

One thought on “My Letter To Emily.

  1. Robyn huxley

    Whitney, this letter is awesome. The photos are fabulous. I cannot believe that this has been a year since Em came into this world. Emily will treasure this in later years. Xxxxxx

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