You can never have too many! 

Apparently we spend almost a third of our life in bed, so it makes total sense to spend some time styling our beds.  No longer will the basic two pillow and doona combination do the job– take inspiration from our little dog, George and see our pillow styling tips with our favourite picks from the Megan Gale force range at Target.

First, chose a simply clean doona cover like this gorgeous Washed Cotton Quilt Cover Set in Cream White. Secondly, you can never have too many pillows! Like ever! Thirdly, there are no rules for pillow arranging. Without a doubt it’s the pillows that will create the statement in your bedroom, if they aren’t.. then you probably don’t have enough! Try pillows of different shapes, like these AHHHH-MAZING Lattice European Pillowcases that creates the perfect backdrop for smaller size pillows. Mix solid colour and cushions with different textures– the Rombo Cushion and geometric patterns like the Piya Cushion. Mix and match for your own signature look. Stack your pillows on top of each other, play it safe with the traditional horizontal propping or go for an interesting look by combining both styles! 

Last but not least…  Create a balanced and interesting display by your bedside using objects such as perfume bottles, vases like these two (Votive Candle Holder and Polished Dipped Vase) trinkets in varying heights, sizes and shapes. Now, your room should be a piece of cake!
Go on…. Sleep like a baby! 
Whit x

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