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I was only just reading my letter that i wrote for Emily’s first birthday and here we are now talking about the day when she sleeps in her BIG bed. Where does the time go seriously?!
Emily has been co sleeping with me on and off since she was born, so transitioning Emily to her big bed was a big thing for us both. I had let Emily play an active role in making the transition by allowing her to choose her bed at Amart Furniture and her new bed toy. I wanted Emily to feel as safe and secure as possible. Allowing her to choose how her bed looks and feels gives her some much-needed control over the situation. And boy it really made the whole process so much easier.

I was so excited to see the new range of Home of Kids at Amart Furniture and Emily had a helluva tricky time deciding between the Kalesi House Bed and the Hopi Teepee Bed and with some help, we came down with the decision of getting the Kalesi House Bed!

Not only do Emily’s new Kalesi House Bed look ever so sweet, it can be also draped with fabric or a big blanket to create miniature play and sleep space that Emily AND Luella absolutely loves.

Watching our kids grow up happy and healthy is the greatest joy for us parents. It’s a time that doesn’t come back, so remember to embrace every moment and play with them as much as you can in this magical room you can create for them. Have fun with your kids and make beautiful memories.

Enter for your chance to WIN your choice of either a Hopi Single Teepee Bed or a Speedy Racer Single Car Bed!
There’s 7 prizes up for grabs with one winner per state.


Whit xx

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