After months and months (or weeks lol) of planning for Emily’s first birthday party, the big day finally arrived. Choosing her birthday theme was a tricky one. Emily doesn’t really like any particular characters so we came down to her love for food, anything colourful from fruit to fairy bread.


I was thinking about what food I should serve at the party and I couldn’t help but reminisce my childhood. I remember like it was yesterday when we would jump out of our skin when fairy bread was served. Fresh white bread, butter and colourful sugary sprinkles. But that’s the MAGIC. Three ingredients, good when eaten separately, are actually HEAVEN when mixed together. (For my international readers, that are unaware of fairy bread.. Try it and let me know what your thoughts!).

I love how fairy bread has been passed on into our generation and I hope my girls will carry it on. It’s pretty funny watching Emily lick her lips for the left over sprinkles. The pure joy of something so simple! I was SO excited when I saw that Bulla started making Fairy Bread ice cream. Say what?! I’ll say it again… Fairy Bread ice cream!! real dairy vanilla ice cream made with fresh milk and cream, dipped in creamy white chocolate and smothered in sprinkles. And quite strangely they taste just like fairy bread ? These were an easy snack to prepare, I had these unwrapped, tied some pretty ribbon on them and placed them in a foam box. This gave the little hands easy access and they were a huge hit! They were finger licking good!!


Our house was filled to the brim, sprinkled with birthday love for our sweet little girl. The whole day was kind of a dream, and I still can’t believe our baby is a year old. I wanted to make this a special birthday for her (even if she won’t remember it) and am so glad with how everything turned out.


 I am especially grateful to my darling niece, Demi who’s photos make up this blog post. See, I had a lot of regret following Luella’s first birthday party that I had not asked someone to take photographs. I thought I could do it myself and ended up with only a handful of images. Lesson learned! Demi captured some priceless moments for us, and I cannot thank her enough! My mind was in that crazy hosting-coordinating-wrangling mode and it all went by too fast for me to be certain I was even there. But best I can recall it was a perfect and lovely first birthday. Now I have the pictures to prove it.   


The idea for the invitation was the inspiration of the party. It was the first thing we created and set the tone and colours for the rest of the details. Emily LOVES colour. So we thought all the colours that comes with nature’s sprinkles – fruit, sprinkles and fairy bread! 


Invitations, ‘Emily is one’ bunting and water bottles were designed/printed by LovejkAustralia. The super cute velvety Pom Pom party hats were from Poppies for Grace. We also gathered their amazing honey comb balls (these were to replace balloons, a real time saver too!), confetti party bags, colourful cups, confetti, straws, mini balloons, we also had an amazing jumbo ballon with tassels but unfortunately it didn’t make it into the photos. Rainbow tassel garland from DD brand. Most importantly, Emily and Luella’s outfits from Talking Red. I wouldn’t have been able to get the inspiration alive if it wasn’t for Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy. It’s a recurring theme for this party!


Seeing this table I had in mind didn’t quite come to life due to being in that crazy hosting-coordinating-wrangling mode but it made me happy. The colours, the layout, the cake, the teeny tiny details… most of all Emily “ooh”ed and “ahhh”ed over it and that’s what mattered to me the most. 

When thought setting up a little photo both with some silly fun props was a good idea. I chuckled on the day, Yeah right. There were babies ranging in age from one to 19 months and some others under the age of seven. But then we did it anyways, and I love it. It was kind of a given that it would be chaotic, but these are the kind of photos that will be so fun to look back on in a few years. It is these kids and their parents (and of course our other friends and family!) who made Emily’s first birthday party so very special. I am forever thankful to have them all bottled up together.


Happy Birthday Emily. We think the world of you and may your little life be sprinkled with happiness. 

Mama xx

Ooh, gotta love some modern scandi. 


I was so excited to see that Target has launched their new Oslo Living homewares range. I was pottering around the bedding section trying to only choose ONE quilt cover set, they were all like powdery pastels and soft greys. Love eyes for days! I then decided to go with something minimal, Linen Cotton Quilt Cover Set – Natural so I can create some luxurious winter warmth to it. 


So once I got my quilt cover set, I had a better idea of what I wanted to create for the masters room. I found ALL of these amazing goodies and just had to get them as well. Chromatic throw, Felt storage cube for my fiddle leaf fig, Diamond String Lights, Adele desk lamp, Onyx cushion, Side table in black and a Wall Print frame



I’m so happy how it all came together. It really feels like it’s home now! I can’t wait to share my lounge room next!

And here is one more photo of the little rascal who was on my hip taking these photos. 

Emmy and I xx


My Letter To Emily.

Dear Emily,
A year ago, you came in such a hurry, I tried to negotiate with the midwife if there were any chances of slowing down the labour. Your daddy was in the air, flying home from work and I did not want him to miss it. But little did I know, nothing was going to stop you! I was very lucky to have some of the most important people in my life there at the time of your birth. We had your little sister sleeping peacefully in her pram next to my bed side. Nanny and Aunty Marnie holding/cheering me on and Aunty Sarah who was bouncing off walls taking photos of the whole birth (I’ll be forever thankful for these raw special photos, i will always hold them close to my heart). 


Emmy, you were then freshly hatched from my womb. You came into the world with big, bright eyes of an old soul and aa few dark hairs on your tiny head.

 I called you my little Emily Willow.  
Your daddy came in 1.5 hours later and he was over the moon to see that you were here already, tightly bundled sleeping in your bassinet.    
I’ll never forget that early morning the day after you were born. You opened your eyes to the sounds of Luella talking to you with a slightly furrowed brow and you rested your little head on her shoulder and went back to sleep.  

  We used to stare at each other and bonded, just you and me. And I loved it. It hardly seems like enough time has gone by to justify my reminiscing, but you’ve changed so much. A year is a long time filled with decades of progress when you are a baby.   

 Your big gorgeous bright eyes have literally, stopped strangers “what a beautiful baby..Oh her eyes!”. But even more, it’s the beauty of your personality that’s really beginning to shine in everything you do. You are so cheeky yet so clever. 

We did it, Emmy! We survived the first year. Thank you for the lessons, the laughter and changing me forever. I promise to always be there for you, to help guide you and love you unconditionally. I may disappoint you, I may not be your “friend”, I will guarantee embarrass you, but know that I love you more than you can ever imagine. I hope when you read this letter, years later you will smile, and know how special you are to me. 

Happy First Birthday sweetheart!
Love Mama x 

 We loved this year’s Valentine’s Day. The girls just made it that much more funnier. We found a lovely big red door and bought our love heart balloons and took some photos. 

We got some lovely personalised wrapping paper, card and some beautiful birch wood prints from Love JK. They have the most amazing service. My products were delivered the next day!

And I can’t get enough of Mini Melissa right now. I can’t believe I didn’t get a pair sooner! I thought these Kissing Mini Mouse and Mickey Mouse would be perfect for an occasion like today. 

And more importantly, I had to dress up too. This would have to be one of my favourite dress so far this season. I am wearing my Fiesta Las Flores dress from Little Tienda. Go and check them out!

Happy Valentine’s Day to every single of you. Love like there’s no tomorrow.

x Whit

Luella’s New Bedroom.


Hello from our new house!

We have been here for 3 weeks and it feels just like home already. Apart from some bare walls begging to be decorated and some unpacked boxes. They can wait right? I got an amazing parcel from a lovely lady at Aitken and jane and she handmade Luella a very beautiful wall weave. And she LOVES it. Thank you so much, you thoughtful soul!

I wanted to share Luella’s bedroom. She has slept in her bed all night every night since night one. And I am so proud of her. We decided that we should take Luella out of a double and into a single bed so we had no linen for her. Sooo we went to buy her a new special bath towel from Target along with a new bed cover. We have been reading some books so I couldn’t resist this cute cupcake beanbag as well. Handy for those nights when she wants me to sit by her bedside and hold hands until she drifts to sleep. Those nights are my favourite!

We are still trying to find some new furniture such as a dining table and chairs (this is a lot harder than I thought) and a new bed for the masters room. I love new furniture!! I mean who doesn’t?

Find our Target goodies here below 

Ice-cream quilt cover set $29

Ltd cupcake beanbag cover $39

Manhattan pillar stand in yellow $10

 Ltd Icecream cone planter $10

Bonds stretchies singlet $9

Head to your closet target to check out the full range (including all items featured here) in store.

Summer arvo’s with Target

I absolutely love the summer school holidays. It gives me a chance to catch up with my nieces and nephews. Whether that’s going to the movies, picnics in the park or just having a great laugh in the lounge room. They are so much fun and full of energy. I love them like they’re my own. 

We got together with some of the girls cousins this week. Oh how fun it was. Made some big splashes, jumped off feature walls (do not try this at home!) and tried to shoot some hilarious wet hair whips. The kids loved it. 

I also got to sit back with my eldest niece and talk about her exciting plans after graduating high school and achieving an remarkable OP score. One very proud Aunty! The world is your oyster sweetheart! 

As we all know the warmer days are finally here. Yay! I love having people over and socaalise outdoors, who doesn’t? I couldn’t put down recent Target catalogue quick enough and head in to score some of these delicious pieces that scream summer! These would be amazing for Australia Day too if you’re having a BBQ or a pool party!

You can check out some of our top outdoor entertaining picks here:

 Capri Stripe Deck Chair $69

 Watermelon Mat $20

 Jug and Pineapple Mason Jar $3 ea 

 Robottle Corkscrew $20

 Pop Plastic Stool $12
Head to your closet target to check out the full range (including all items featured here) in store.
Now that the school holidays are coming to an end, I’m so looking forward to our Australia Day and weekly family dinners on the porch.
x Whitney 

Leaving Emily’s first home




The time has come. We have been living in a beautiful post war home and so many memories were made here. It was here in this house that Emily looked at me and smiled for the first time, giggled for the first time, clapped her hands for the first time. This is where I learned about the challenges of being a parent to two babes under two and this is where I had to somehow soothe Emily with her terrible bowel movements and this is where we have watched Luella become quite possibly the best big sister there is. 

It was here when I rushed Emily to the hospital frantically and she was later diagnosed with Meningitis. This is where I had sleepless nights to make sure she was still breathing. 

It was here in this house that we have grown closer, made mistakes, offered forgiveness, and learned what family is all about. We have spilled secrets and fears, yelled and screamed, cried from both sadness and laughter. This house has seen us at our best and seen us at our worst.

But I know that if these walls could talk, they would only tell tales of love. Raw, rich, beautiful love.

May our next house be just as wonderful, just as warm, and just as willing to graciously capture the next chapter of our story. 

B e d t i m e  G i r l s 



Bath time and bed time is so much more special now that Emily is sitting up and interacting with her big sister, Luella. There may be the occasional “ow MUM!! Emily pulled my hair” but my two favourite routines of the day. With Christmas coming up, it’s all hustle bustle over here at our residence. I take a quiet moment and watch them love each other. my heart grows tremendously when I hear them laughing together. I’m also loving my new fresh crispy bed linen from Target. I went in to Target last week and I was so excited to see all the Christmas decorations and products. Target just gets better and better! 

Products from Target:

Marble cross, photo frames, bed linen and cushions. 



Hi there!! How is it Christmas already? But oh!! I’m loving Luella’s face when she sees Santa and all the Christmas trees. To be little again!

Remember those old, awkward family photos from Christmas when you were forced to wear your gran’s hand knitted Christmas themed jumper (matching back perfectly with your siblings?) Well now it’s time to recreate those cringe-worthy looks and do it with a huge smile! Introducing Awkward Family Photos with the Photo Booth Guys at Westfield Carindale. They will have a range of hilarious (and super fashionable) props for you to wear including scrunchies, oversized reading glasses, skivvy’s and of course jumpers. Have your photo taken with your family and friends and keep the free print out at the end! Westfield Carindale will be asking their customers to share their Awkward Photo by hashtagging #thisischristmas and tagging @westfieldcarindale. They will pick their favourite 5 and put it to a vote on their Facebook page. The winner with the most votes will receive a $500 Westfield Gift Card and free photo’s with Santa to create some less awkward memories. 

“Merry Christmas ya filthy animal”- Whitney x   


Wednesday 23rd December 11am – 2pm & 6pm – 9pm

Thursday 24th December 11am – 2pm

H O U S E   C H O R E S

  What a great week it was with absolutely no social media whatsoever. Ill admit, it was hard to steer away to start with but it was worth it. I got to kick back, go for walks, long drives with sleeping babes, dance and laugh with my little girlfriends. we even threw some confetti. inside the house. now I’m back buzzing with some inspiration and I cannot wait to share with you all. 

now let me share my new household toy. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about something that relates to chores. I hate housework. i know you do too. 

I have just got my hands on my new Electrolux Ergorapido 2in1 stick vacuum. I am in love. i dont need to use a dust pan anymore. hallelujah! and maybe even more so because it scares the girls away (winning: i can now do my chores in peace). 

my swifty Ergorapido is cordless, i no longer have to unplug the cord to continue down the hallway. this means no more toddlers tripping over cords. or mothers. it stands in a charging stand in my kitchen and its there ready for unplanned spills. this baby also lights up as to the area where I’m cleaning to make sure I don’t miss any crumbs. legend!


the other day, luella decided it would be fun to open a bag of bean bag beans while I was driving down the highway. those beans are hell. they were everywhere. yes. even in my hair. first thing when we got home I detached the handheld vacuum and quickly cleaned my carpet and car seats. it was so easy and fuss free. I was no longer pissed off. thank you Electrolux. Life gotten that much simpler! 

Key features of my Electrolux Ergorapido

* Vacuum your floor then rid your shelves, corners and other hard to reach areas from dust with the built-in, detachable, handheld vacuum.

* Electrolux’s specially designed nozzle with motorized power brush picks up more dirt, faster.

* Don’t get caught up in cables. The Electrolux Ergorapido offers cordless cleaning with battery life of up to 37 minutes per charge.

* Electrolux’s brush roll technology prevents clogging by cutting entangled hairs before they enter the vacuum cup so you don’t have to clean the brush roll with your hands. now how good is that?!


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