Our generations with NIVEA Creme

NIVEA Creme, the unsurpassed classic among skin creams, cares and protects all skin types with its rich formula. Our unique preservative-free formulation has remained under lock and key since its birth in 1911.

I am a true NIVEA Creme fan – Every time I open my blue tin, it takes me way back to when I was a teenager. I used to love watching my mother apply it onto her face and hands and how beautiful she smelled. It was like her ‘perfume’. Fast forward 15 years later, I am here without doubt, using NIVEA Creme with my girls. I think it’s so lovely that Emily and Luella love this Creme too. Emily especially, sneaks into the bathroom as if she knows I’m about to crack the blue tin open for a rub and sniff. Talk about a love for a product that’s been used in our family for generations!

I have oily skin that is fussy when it comes to moisturisers because they wind up being too rich or heavy and end up making my face all greasy within hours of application. Even moisturisers that claim to be matte or are formulated especially for oily skin can cause issues, so finding a suitable daily moisturiser has always been a dilemma. NIVEA Creme delivers and maintains efficient hydration so my skin is nourished and yet doesn’t develop into an oily surface film that turns my face all shiny during the day. My favourite good ol’ blue tin is good in so many ways – Now that we are in Winter, I have actually been using it more on my elbows, knees and hands. Luella is already in routine with applying some on her legs as she gets really dry during winter. Excellent – very moisturising, however very light and not at all greasy. I find that I can dress immediately after applying the NIVEA Creme without any marks or residue on my clothes.

NIVEA Creme is mild, yet effective, formula is suitable for use across the body. It can be used to sooth, moisturise and protect your face and body, and will leave your feet and hands feeling soft and supple.

For best skin results:

1. Dip finger into cream.
2. Rub in liberally and evenly on face, body and hands.
3. Apply daily to keep your skin soft and supple.

NIVEA Creme’s balanced formula works hard to moisturise and soothe skin. Key ingredients for moisturisation include lanolin, glycerin and eucerit, a special moisturising ingredient.

Has anyone tried NIVEA Creme before, if so what are your thoughts?

23 thoughts on “Our generations with NIVEA Creme

  1. Danielle

    I’ve used Nivea, but not for a long time! My skin has been so dry, and I think I’m going to grab some to try next time I’m at Target! (Which is like every day.)

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Danielle, ha ha I love a Target mum! We love NIVEA Creme in this house. It’s the most versatile moisturiser on the market. Enjoy! Whitney x

  2. Glenda Needham

    I have used Nivea for years, only moisteriser Ive found that I dont react too. Just love it especially since I have dry skin. Thanks Nivea

  3. Maria

    I have used it my whole life. Now 45 and still love it. I have normal to dry skin and it works a treat. Tried other stuff but always go back.

  4. Esther Pettersson

    I’m 70 and after years of trying heaps of moisturisers on the market, I took out my trusty blue tin. Just love it and the smell reminds me of my childhood

  5. Kiran Bhui

    My grandma would use Nivea, my Mom used Nivea, my Mom would apply Nivea on my dry skin, I use it myself now and I’m 31 Years old. I use this cream when my son suffers from dry skin. It’s a life saver, more like skin saver for people in cold countries.

  6. Astra

    Best creme ever..I have used this since the seventies..Blue Tin only on my face.. Did a beautician course with Madame Korner..learnt alot..only a good goat’s milk soap..water and lots of Nivea is the secret..cheers

  7. Debra

    Living in Perth WA, every time I use Nivea I think of my Mum. She has always used it and now her 5 daughters are… She has a small tin…. I haven’t seen them in Australia…id like to purchase one if possible ?

  8. Lynley Fyfe

    I remember when I was kid, a friend of my mum’s always used Nivea and she had the most beautiful skin. This has always stuck in my mind. I remember using it years ago too. I’m using a more expensive brand of face moisturiser now, but I really don’t think is worth the money and have often thought about using Nivea instead. My problem is that when I look in supermarket there are lots if different Nivea creme and lotion options and I don’t know which one to buy. So rather than get it wrong I haven’t bothered. If you can somehow simplify if for me if would be great.

  9. Beth

    Been using Nivea in my 20’s up to now..I love it’s subtle and moisturizing effect on my skin, I trust this product and works well with me…Thanks Nivea

  10. Gerry

    I grew up with Nivea too so was all my friends and cousins visited NIVEA in Dubai had facials pedicures massages it was so huge and glamours.

  11. kathy olliver

    i have tried many face cream over the yrs .. but i always go back to nivea . .my skin just soaks it up and it feels good and nourished when i use it. i am 69 !! but people dont believe me when i tell them that..!! they think im about 60..!! i wish..! thankyou nivea ..

  12. Emina Muratovic

    I have never stoped using Nivea since I was a kid and I love it. I get lots of compliments how lovely my skin is. Go for it you won’t regret it?

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