Winter Cosiness with Marks & Spencer.

The girls have now come to that age where they loathe going to the shops. I mean loooooooathe! It’s almost impossible. Thank heavens for on line shopping. Hallelujah! I have teamed up with Marks & Spencer to show you some Winter cosiness with Denim kids wear. I have carefully chosen some pieces that can also be worn right through all seasons of the year (cuteness alert).

Luella is all about comfort and movement, so I was so excited to be able to find some pieces that would work with her little active adventures. Especially her new dress, it’s perfect for every day- a real wardrobe must-have! I’ve also came across some really fun touches that suit my girls darling personalities like the Kids Bunny Cross Body Bag, the bunny shape bag sits across the shoulder for comfort and easy access like lollies and secret treasures and Kids Star Sunglasses.
With a bonus of 100% UV protection. Winning!

Pale rose Cotton denim jacket with stretch This classic denim jacket is perfect for winter and will match everything. A wear – anything wardrobe staple. A cotton blend makes this extra soft and comfortable

Kids Leather Walkmate Shoes, leather make these shoes extra long lasting and comfortable. Freshfeet™ Tights, these soft tights are a winter wardrobe must have. Freshfeet™ technology keep feet fresh by combating the bacteria that cause odours.

These Pure Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirts are  great long sleeve tops are perfect worn with jeans or a pretty skirt. StayNEW™ technology reduces bobbling and colour loss, keeping your clothes looking newer and brighter for longer.
Shop the look:

Pale rose Cotton denim jacket with stretch

Freshfeet™ Tights

Kids Leather Walkmate Shoes 

Kids Bunny Cross Body Bag

Kids Star Sunglasses 

Pure Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt 

Pure Cotton Dress

Denim Pinny Dress

All pieces can be found at

Have you dived into the denim trend this season?

Love Whit x

This post has been sponsored by Marks and Spencer London and Shopping Links however all words, choice of product, styling and images are my own.

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