Luella Starts School with Mathers

I actually cannot believe I am writing this, Luella starts school in 1 week. Whaaaaaat?! It all seems to have gone so fast.  I started this little blog when she was only three months old and now my baby is heading to school (inserts an ugly Kim cry).

Over the Christmas school holidays i promised her that we would shop for her new lunch box and her school shoes.

Luella’s school Uniform structure includes black leather shoes.  I have always disliked the look of school shoes as they are always so clunky, wide and to be honest, not all that attractive. But, I suppose they have to serve a purpose right? Comfy, wearable and above all practical.  After trying some different styles of school shoes, Luella made it very clear that she wanted “Mary Jane” style shoes. She loves velcro too. Need i say more?

After trying a few different stores, we ended up at our local Mathers store. Seeing they are having 20% off available on all Colorado Resilience, Colorado and Clarks school shoes, i was keen to check out their variety. They made Luella feel comfortable and made conversation of what she might like to wear.  She was then measured correctly for her shoe size with room for growth and was given a pair of Colorados Glory Yths to try. They fit Luella like a glove, the velcro was nice and sturdy, easy for her put on and remove independently AND they look pretty on. They have Leather uppermoulds to the foot for perfect fit and comfort with wear. Soft and breathable leather lining. Also, Podiatrists designed moulded innersole for superior cushioning comfort and support. Durable and flexible rubber sole.

The proud/shy smile that beamed across her face when she looked at them in the mirror, will be something i will always cherish. Right there and then, we knew with Mathers help, we found the perfect pair of school shoes. i personally think Mathers really is the destination for parents out there that are looking for both affordable & quality school shoes for their kids. You can check out the Colorado Resilience range online and then head into your local store to get your kids properly fitted.

What are your favourite school shoes for your child/children?

Thank you Mathers for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Whit xx

P.s. (While in store looking at the Colorado range with the sales assistant, i was given a flashback to when i used to beg mum to buy me those colorado boat shoes with a heel for school back in the 90’s. Were you one of them too? Ha ha. They were the coolest shoes ever!).

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